Our lab aims at deciphering PAMP perception and downstream signalling leading to the establishment of PTI. This is a prerequisite to understand how plants fight microbes and how effectors function, as effector’s targets are likely key PTI components. As PTI is not directed against particular pathogens, outcomes of our research can be potentially used to generate sustainable broad-spectrum disease resistance. We use mostly the paradigmatic EFR and FLS2 perception systems as working models, but we are also currently exploring novel perception systems. Since these pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) are receptor kinases (RKs), our work will ultimately also shed light on how this important class of proteins function and how signalling specificity is achieved in RK-mediated signalling pathways.

We have 3 major research programmes:


  • Novel PAMPs
  • Novel PRRs


  • Plasma membrane PRR protein complexes
  • Phosphorylation events
  • Immune signalling components
  • RK mode of action
  • Interplay with other RK-based pathways


  • Mechanisms of disease resistance
  • Engineering broad-spectrum disease resistance